Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I am a fighter!

Crime scene after I was done with Leo.
So, I got into a fight yesterday. The other guy's name was Leo. He didn't talk much, was one of those non-verbal, plush things that sit a round the house here. I had tried to rip him a new a...arm last week, but then he sat there again in my dog bed yesterday, just staring at me and I lost it. I started ripping him apart. Hair first, then the complete head. The mush didn't say a thing, didn't defend himself at all. At some point though, his brain, or whatever that fluffy white stuff is, started coming out. I tried to hide the mess by spreading it all over the floor and when mom saw it, I pretended it was some new decoration style. - She didn't buy it. She took Leo, the headless coward, away, sewed him back together and sat him on a shelf. He is still staring at me, I think. I wasn't allowed to keep the fluffy white stuff either. The big, everything eating thing, that lives in the closet, came out and sucked it up. I am staring to think that I have to run my "operation fun" at night, when the humans sleep. Bummer.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


It's mine now!
To all you girls out there: Aren't shoes the most fun thing under the sun (except for chicken, dog treats and socks, of course)? I mean - a girl just gotta love her shoes! Personally, I prefer the good old German Birkenstock: The chewy cork sole, the soft leather - love it. But as I have been told repeatedly: Don't eat Mommy's Birkenstock - she wants to wear them! Wear them! Toughen up - go barefoot like I do.  And Daddy's Birks are just too stinky to eat. So as I am making my rounds through the closet, I find these cute little black sandals. Gave it a try, chewed through a strap, ate a piece out of the sole, actually made extra room for Mommy's big toe - then, surprise - got expelled from the closet. Was allowed to keep the shoe though: Mommy's said "Here, it's all your's now!". I was happy, just don't know why she didn't look like she had fun and said something about stocking up on new shoes. Have to figure out what DSW is!