Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I spy with my little eye....

...what the neighbors are doing in their kitchen. When I jump on the bed and lower my head, I can peek under the curtain and watch them.

Ready or not....I'm watching!
 I have to tell mommy that she doesn't have to leave the tv on for me anymore when she goes to work. I can just sit here all day and spy on the people in the blue house. It's almost better than squirrel watching. It gets even better at night, when they have the kitchen lights on. If I look very closely, I think I can even see whats in their little food store with the light in it that mommy call "fridge".

Like a good spy, my lips are sealed!
Daddy called me a voyeur, but I don't care. People watching is great entertainment, specially, when the people are behind glass and can't yell at me for peeking!

But don't worry, neighbors, your secrets are safe with me. Remember that one day when you thought nobody saw you when you picked your nose after you came out of the shower wearing that stupid white robe and the towel turban on your head? I have only told one other dog about it, maybe two.