Sunday, February 17, 2013

Guess what happened to me!

You won't believe what happened to me just over the last two weeks! First, I had a fire at my house and I was IN the house. Daddy rescued me and I stank like BBQ pork ribs for a couple of days. 

Smoke coming out of every opening. Firefighters to the rescue.
Up in smoke - daddy saved me from the house. I knew he was a hero!

Then, we had to move to a hotel with no lawn or ivy for me to pee on.

Bored at the Inn.
Then we moved into this new home with lawn, but without any squirrels in the yard. And then a big snow storm hit town and there was, once again, no lawn for me to pee on. I actually dove into the snow, dug a hole in it and couldn't find any grass underneath, so I had no other choice but to pee on the new comforters that mommy had to buy. Guess she wasn't happy about that - I could tell from her yelling and screaming.

No grass to pee on - bummer!

Now, two weeks later, I have a bunch of new toys, daddy took me to Sleepy's to help him buy a new mattress, we are still looking for a new chair with a high enough headrest for me to sleep on and they give me treats all the time because I am still traumatized from being in the smokey house (I wonder how long I can play the part of traumatized puppy!?)

Need a new chair to hang out with daddy.
They tell us that it will take about a year before we can move back into our old house, but I heard that we will go to visit often and that we will do a lot of renovation. I am already rallying for a bigger window seat over the radiator, a place for my bowls on soft carpeting (hate the tile floor in this rental house), better access to the backyard, a treat dispenser in the kitchen cabinet and a big La-Z-Boy chair for myself.

A big shout out to Dr Jeff from Greenlawn Animal Hospital and his team for providing me with super anti-anxiety medication (I was flying high for a couple of days), Ellen from Happy Dog Training for calming my mommy down and giving her good advice as to how to stop me from peeing on the floor, guys from the Huntington Manor Fire Department for making sure that the house is still standing and to my buddy Bailey Sullivan and her family for giving us shelter and for not yelling at me when I pooped on their floor - twice.

Keep your fingers crossed for us and I will keep you posted along the way.
Love, Ellie