Thursday, July 11, 2013

Me - Bad!

Got in trouble - again. Seems like it is OK for daddy to eat stuff out of the white paper bag mommy brings from the bakery, but when I get to it, I am being treated like a criminal! Mommy yelled and screamed - all for one lousy chocolate chip cookie! When she discovered that I had jumped on the couch, walked over the glass table all the way in the corner and had taken the cookie out of the bag, she did not even let me finish it. All I was left with were some crumbs and a lonely chocolate chip between my teeth. 
Sometimes I think mom is a little crazy. She was calling her friends to tell them that I ate chocolate. She called Dr. Jeff to make sure that I would be OK. Not sure why she made such fuzz about it. Daddy eats the cookies all the time and she doesn't call anybody about it!
Oh, and then she made me sit next to this stupid sign and said something about "dog shaming". I tried to blame it all on the stuffed animal, but he was useless as a partner in crime.
Wonder why daddy doesn't have to sit next to a sign after eating cookies!?

Mommy calls it "dog shaming" - I just find this embarrassing!