Saturday, December 29, 2012

Thought I would help...

Hi there!
Me and the object of my desire.
With Christmas behind me, all my new toys unwrapped, I thought I'd help mommy take the Christmas tree down. Serious, they always talk of Santa's Little Helper and because Santa was so good to me this year, I really, really only wanted to help when I took that shiny sparkly red Christmas ornament off the tree. Took me quite a while. I had to hit it with my nose until it moved closer to the end of the branch and then I had to grab it with my snout and pull it off. Might possibly somehow mistakenly by accident grabbed it a bit to hard - the freakin' thing broke apart and there was red sparkly stuff all over the carpet. But I didn't give up. Not me, oh no, sir. I tried to help with another one - there were so many of them on the tree. But for some reason it made quite some noise when the stupid thing bounced of the carpet and onto the wooden floors and mom came running. Telling from her yelling and screaming, my help was not appreciated at all. I was expelled from the room, the remaining ornaments were hung higher up on the tree and mommy pulled her brand new vacuum cleaner out to take care of the mess.

Have to improve my skills for next year. Don't want to end up on the naughty list!