Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy "Everything is Green" Day

Not sure who this guy Patrick is that everybody keeps talking about in the news today. 
All I know is that they must really like him - they even gave him a parade last week. Mom and dad took me there and, man, this Patrick-dude must love bagpipers! 
Mommy, me and one of the bagpipers.
They had hundreds of them in this march through town. And maybe he is a firefighter?
Mommy, me and a firetruck!
There were tons of firetrucks driving through town with the bagpipers....I think his daughter is a cheerleader or a tap dancer - all of here friends were in his parade, too. And he must be pretty smart, too, even has his own school in town!
His favorite color must be green and mommy must be one of his followers also as she was wearing a green sweater this morning.
Well, whoever he is, I like him - mom is making corned beef in his honor today, and I hope there are some leftovers for me!
She said "Kiss me, I'm Irish", so I did!
Cheers to you, Patrick!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Spring forward??!!

I am not so sure what´s the buzz about this whole "spring forward" thing today. Mommy said that from now until November we are saving daylight with time or something. She took all the clocks from the wall and changed something on them, even on the one that has the silly bird come out. 
(Why is he hiding in there? Did he steal the daylight? I keep barking at him but the coward only comes out to scream in German once an hour. Around midday, though, if I bark really a lot, he comes out like 12 times!! Man, must I upset him.)

My cowardly friend Cuckoo and his girlfriend
And then breakfast was an hour early and everybody was ready to leave the house an hour early and I was still so tired and then lunch was also so early and I think that something is wrong with mommy. Why does she forget when normal eating hours are? What is she going to do with all the daylight time she is saving? Will it be daylight for all of next winter and no more nighttime?
Whatever, I just let her talk about saving time and I am not concerned about it being daylight more often. I do some of my best snoozing during daylight. I just fall backwards and, boom, asleep!

Mommy said to spring forward - I am better at fall backwards.