Thursday, January 16, 2014

Two of me?!

So this package comes from grandma in Germany and I rip it open and think - I can''t even write here what I was thinking! This thing looks back at me and it looks like me! 

Me and mini-Me.
It's like a mini-me - just clean and good smelling. It looks all cute and lovey dovey and it doesn't talk back and doesn't nip and you can put it in a crate and it doesn't start a rebellion. OMG, maybe mom will like it better than me!? So when mommy put mini-me next to me for a photo, I sat all still and looked all nice and pretty and it paid off! I got a treat and mini over there got nothing! Nada! See, mommy still likes me better. But I better be nice for a little while, just to be sure....
Love, Ellie.
P.S.: Are you kidding me? You cannot copy me! I am the one and only.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Staying warm

So Santa brought me this burrow bed and first I wasn't too thrilled with it. I tried to rip it apart, pushed it through the entire living room, stuffed some bones in it and even considered to pee on it. Honestly, I almost liked it as much as I like my stupid coat. 

Me ON my burrow bed - not so sure about it yet.
 But then it got really cold out there and even though the heat in the house is on, I got some chills. I tried to convince mom and dad not to go to work, but instead to sit next to me and be my heating pad. But they said that they had to go out and make bones. So all of a sudden, the stupid burrow bed did not look that stupid anymore. It is actually quite comfy and cozy and one can completely disappear in it. I am almost sure that I can even eat in here.

Me IN my burrow bed - very sure about it now.
So glad I did not pee on it!
Stay warm all you dogs and humans!