Thursday, April 25, 2013

My Service Team

My favorite vet team - Dr. Jeff and his girls.
Did you really think I could look as cute as I do without any maintenance? No way. A sophisticated beagle girl like me has her own service team! I get my pedicures at The Soapy Dog, my beauty treatments at home from mommy, daddy is my personal trainer who takes me for runs and on long walks on the beach and when I don’t feel well, mommy takes me to Greenlawn Animal Hospital. Dr. Jeff Garretson and his team really take good care of me – though sometimes they stick a needle in my butt or put a flashlight in my ear. What are they looking for? Do they want to take my DNA to clone me because I am so smart and cute? Do they think I am hiding a coin in my ear? But they seem to like me. They make me feel better when I have an itchy ear or a belly ache, they tell me how pretty I am, they put me on a table and stare at me in awe, they calm mommy down when she calls them hysterically screaming because I ate a tea bag or a ball pen or a bug and once, one of the girls at Dr. Jeff’s office even gave me a Cheez Doodle. I am telling you: I like going there. Maybe, if I am on my best behavior, they will stop sticking needles in my butt some day and double up on the Cheez Doodles.

Me and Dr. Jeff - after he stuck a flashlight in my ear.