Friday, August 3, 2012

Office Girl

Hanging out in the office...
I gotta tell you: I really, really don't understand why humans go to the office everyday. I mean, just last week, daddy had to go away for business. And because they did not want to leave me in my Alcatraz-like prison-crate all day (thank you!) and because they did not trust me in the house by myself (was it the I-pod cable I ate?), mommy took me to work with her. I had been there before and I am telling you: There is nothing, nothing more boring than an office. People are sitting at a desk, talk into a machine or hit a piece of plastic all day and there is seriously no fun involved.
So I did what I do best: I shredded some paper that was laying around - mommy works in a stationery company), tried to eat some of the furniture, pretended that I needed to pee every 10 minutes until mommy yelled at me for lying and I successfully grabbed a candy out of the chief-human's bag (I was caught and they took the candy away from me).
Once, mommy let me out in the backyard, I discovered some kittens, but they didn't want to play with me either and ran away, whenever I started running towards them. Bummer.
So then I went on doing what I heard most people do in the office: I took a nap. And another nap, and another.... 
... not getting anything done!
I think I am not really an office girl. I like going to work with daddy in the truck much better. I look pretty awesome in a truck and the people at Home Depot and Nassau Suffolk Lumber always have treats for me.
Will work on my career in construction now. Do they make hard hats for dogs?