Saturday, March 23, 2013

Why iron if you have me?

Do you know why mommy spends all this time ironing her clothes when I am so good at just laying on top of the pile of fresh, clean laundry, flattening it with my tiny butt? So difficult to understand these humans...

Me multitasking: Sleeping and working/ironing at the same time.
On top of it, they delivered all the clothes back to the house that were smoked damaged and are now clean and shiny again - but why did they have to wrap it all in plastic? That made it so difficult for me to get to the chewy parts of the dry cleaner hangers and the tissue paper that they stuff the sleeves of mommy's fancy shirts with.
Love, Ellie
Piles of clothes in the living room. Not allowed to eat the plastic.

P.S.: Been working hard on that smile in the first picture! Can you see my pearly whites? Arm and Hammer "Nubbies" with baking soda - taste like peanut butter, makes teeth shiny-white.