Thursday, February 23, 2012

Things I learned this morning:

Mommy's little helper - so I thought!
Good looks help a lot, but they don't help you get away with everything.
Here is what I have learned this morning:
  • Helping with the laundry by picking random pieces out of the laundry basket is not appreciated.
  • Chewing a telephone cable isn't the same as making a phone call.
  • Digging a whole between the carpet and the wall and getting caught with sheet rock in your teeth is a no-no.
  • Eating raccoon poop tastes like sh... and is not appreciated
  • Drinking water out of the shower is frowned upon.
  • Eating soap neutralizes the taste of raccoon poop but makes bubbles in your mouth.
  • Chewing pieces of the human's Birkenstock results in being evicted from the walk-in closet.
Have to find new strategies. Maybe camouflage?  Should redefine "fun" as humans don't appreciate my approach.

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