Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's getting hot in here.... I took off all my clothes - hmmm, my leash. But it was still sooo hot here in New York today, that daddy thought it could be a good idea to take me for a swim. I am mean, is he serious?!
I am a hunter, not a swimmer. I am not Michael Phelps or Mark Spitz, in fact, I hate water. I don't leave the house when it rains, I only take a bath when I stink like a pig and mommy drags me in the shower, I walk a big circle around puddles on the street.
Me swimming with daddy.
So when daddy lured me close to that puddle of water in his buddy's yard - I tried my best to get away from it. I hid in the bushes, pretended to be sniffing something interesting on the lawn. But eventually he got me and dipped me in - paws, belly, tale and all - under protest as I would like to point out. And I literally swam for my life! OK, I admit, he held me more than I was swimming and swimming might be the wrong word, paddling might be better....I mean, I don't have web feet, so what was he thinking!?
But you have to admit that I look quite elegant in the water - like a young Esther Williams I'd like to think
But why is it, that I had to get all wet and daddy only dangled his feet in the water? I will have to do more research on that.
Until then, stay cool!

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