Sunday, October 28, 2012

Who is "Sandy"?

I think there is a new girl in town. Mommy and daddy kept talking about a "Sandy" all day today and that she is some sort of hurricane. Must be some powerful girl if mom compares her to a storm... But they do not seem to like her. It even looked as if mommy is trying to get away from her: She packed a bag for daddy and herself and put one of my toys, a chewy bone and my food in my little suitcase that I normally take to the office, when I go there with her.
My humans are behaving a bit suspicious...
I am convinced that they are planning to leave once this "Sandy" shows up. Or at least we are moving into the basement. Mom has put all kinds of water and food, her documents, some blankets and even a bag of my treats down there. Not so sure that I like the basement, but if this "Sandy" is really such a bitch, then I'd rather get over my fear of the cellar.
Oh, and the weather is really horrible, too. The streets are covered in leaves and I almost peed on the porch instead of on the lawn because I could not see the difference. And, hell, is it windy! I might have to stay inside for a while. My ears are flying in the wind while I am just standing still.
OK, gotta go. Mom just said that "Sandy" will be making landfall soon - must be one heavy girl - I'd better hide! See ya.

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