Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Me and Tricks and Treats

Me and my "costume". I don't tolerate a whole outfit.
Don't trust the picture! It is all show! Don't even think for a second that I really went trick-or-treating today or that I was allowed to eat any of the treats in the bucket. I was bribed, lured, they tricked me! First mom put the stupid neck tie on me and put me on the purple rug, then she put this deliciously smelling bucket full of wonderfulness next to me, gave me a treat and said "Come on, Ellie, who's a pretty girl, who's a pretty girl?!"
Pretty girl my tail!! Promise me food and I do anything, but put a pile of deliciousness right next to me and only give me one shabby treat? Excuse me - who is the star of this blog? Shouldn't the star be kept happy?
But no, apparently I have lost my girlish figure and have gotten a bit chunky. So only limited treats for me. I am telling you, diet sucks! And the Holiday Season is just about to begin. I hope by the time they put that turkey on the table I am allowed to indulge again.
Anyway, I might try to sneak out tonight and do some trick-or-treating myself. I mean, if I showed up at your house, wouldn't you give me a treat?
Happy Halloween!
P.S.:  These are my friends Kiki and Khaki from Florida who sent me their Halloween pictures. Why don't you send me yours?

Faie - from Upstate New York! First to respond!

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