Thursday, January 16, 2014

Two of me?!

So this package comes from grandma in Germany and I rip it open and think - I can''t even write here what I was thinking! This thing looks back at me and it looks like me! 

Me and mini-Me.
It's like a mini-me - just clean and good smelling. It looks all cute and lovey dovey and it doesn't talk back and doesn't nip and you can put it in a crate and it doesn't start a rebellion. OMG, maybe mom will like it better than me!? So when mommy put mini-me next to me for a photo, I sat all still and looked all nice and pretty and it paid off! I got a treat and mini over there got nothing! Nada! See, mommy still likes me better. But I better be nice for a little while, just to be sure....
Love, Ellie.
P.S.: Are you kidding me? You cannot copy me! I am the one and only.

1 comment:

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