Sunday, July 13, 2014

I'm dreaming of.....

Go, Germany! Win the Cup and get me treats!
...well, usually I would be dreaming of finally playing with a cat or having bacon for breakfast every morning, but apparently, it is still Soccer World Cup and mommy´s team is still in, so I was told that all I am allowed to dream of is the German Team winning. To help me achieve my goal, mommy propped me in the German flag this morning. I tried very hard, to just think of the German Team, but all that came to mind was German Bratwurst and Gulasch and Sauerbraten. Sorry, mom. I still hope that the German Team wins tonight, cause when mommy is happy, the treat rate goes up significantly here. Mommy even promised me a car ride with the German flag hanging out the window.
So, go Germany! For the sake of happy beagles and lots of treats, bring the World Cup home to Germany!

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