Wednesday, February 1, 2012

In bed with me

Guess how I ended up here!?
I clearly remember a conversation between my big human, Steve, and my female human, Sue, about that there was no chance in hell that I would ever sleep in the big bed. Yeah, sure. I can report today, that all that talking about "dog has to be crated", "puppy needs to learn to be by herself", "humans need privacy" was just human blabla. Six weeks into living with these folks and guess where this picture was taken!?
A little crying in the middle of the night when they let you out to pee at three in the morning and stuff you back in your crate, some whining right after they turn off the lights for the night - and in no time human Steve comes running, gets all lovey-dovey and, in an unsupervised moment, I run into the room with the big bed and start jumping up the blanket. I am telling you, it works every time. Just too bad that the humans take so much space. Have to figure out how to make it my own.

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