Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Vote for me!

Please vote for me here!!!.
Hi everybody
So mommy entered me at my first Beauty Pageant! It is called "Click the Cutest" on People Magazine´s website and here is how it goes: They put my picture next to the photo of some fluffy little puppy thing and now they want readers to decide who is cuter, by simply clicking on the picture of the #1 cutest thing. Yes, the other puppy isn't shabby, but don't you think that I look super adorable and like the sweetest thing?
So pleeeaaazzze, click here for me - you can of course click more than once! You can vote until late tonight, Tuesday, May 21.
Thanks. Love, Ellie

Thanks, guys, for voting for me. Sadly, we didn't win this time. The fluffy thing won by snout length. But I am not getting discouraged by this minor setback. Maybe I am just better with pageants where I can wear a costume or where they are looking for the best "dig-a-hole-eat-a-bone-jump-on-the-table"-dog. Until next time.
Love, Ellie

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