Saturday, June 27, 2015

Stinky me

You know that moment, when you find that perfect stinky dead worm or that awesome smelly spot on the lawn that just screams "Roll all over me"! I found it just yesterday! I looked at mom, saw that she did not look too happy about my findings, but I thought "What the heck!" 
And so I rolled....

 ...and rolled....

 ...until I smelled like a stinky little bug and had that wonderful, exciting, adventure whiff all over me and my collar.

Mom was not pleased and the words she used weren't those of a lady, I am telling you. And the one word that scared me the most was "shower". It always amazes me how my sweet and loving mommy can turn into Momzilla in no time. She grabs my towels from the cabinet in the basement, locks me in the bathroom, turns on the water and has no mercy with my stink.

Here you can see my best suffering face to show her how much I disrespect her decision to turn me into a well-deodorized puppy again.

Photo copyright 2015 The Ellie Blog
But as usual, I had the last laugh and rubbed my damp, clean self all over mommy's fine white comforter! Just click on the video below!


  1. Don't worry, Ellie, we all know how hard it is to resist those urges ! Khaki usually waits until he is freshly bathed to indulge in the worm roll much to his parents dismay !

  2. OK I am STILL CRACKING UP! Baci Fed